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Why Shop Local

Why Shop Local?

Local business is our business. Shopping locally not only helps promote the local economy, but also supports the strength and growth of our community including events and not for profit organizations.

Quality of Life

Each time you shop local you help a business stay open which in turn pays taxes to benefit important Town provided services and contributes to the quality of life you enjoy.

Support Your Neighbours

Every dollar spent locally helps to employ neighbours allowing them to put food on their table, pay their mortgage, and put kids in activities helping our community survive.

Local Statistics


Canadian individuals are employed by small businesses


of residents say they prefer to shop local


of the dollars you spend local, stays local!

Current & Upcoming Promotions

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Think Local, Shop Stettler encourages you to take part in a variety of promotions and events showcasing what Stettler businesses have to offer while providing the opportunity to have fun and WIN simply for shopping local! Full details for each event can be found on the promotions page.


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Shop Local, Shop Stettler

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