About Us

About Us

   The Stettler Regional Board of Trade is committed to fostering economic, civic, and social growth throughout the Stettler region. Our Board’s focus and mission reflect our commitment to assist in promoting and improving trade, commerce and tourism within the Stettler region. We are also here to develop and promote business and community opportunities in the Stettler region. 

      A Board of Trade enables businessmen and businesswomen to accomplish collectively what no one of them could do individually, creating a pool of resources from which one can draw ideas, energy, and finances. Your Board of Trade provides a powerful voice on behalf of the business community.  It speaks out on issues such as taxes, transportation and education that affect your business because you are located in the area. Your membership investment allows your local Board of Trade to be a resource of information and services for the business community and the region that it serves. Many businesses both small and large support the Board of Trade because it is simply good business.The 21st century Board of Trade is the hub of community development and prosperity.  In addition to being the voice of business, it typically provides its member firms a host of benefits designed to gain visibility, provide resources and tools to help them compete in the new world market.

      "We are unique in that each Town of Stettler business license includes your membership to the Stettler Regional Board of Trade." 

      We offer advertising and sponsorship opportunities to businesses through our various projects. The Stettler Board of Trade office also features two meeting rooms often utilized by Stettler businesses for everything from meetings and information seminars, to job interviews with potential new employees.

      The Board of Trade office also serves as the community’s Visitor Information Centre. Our Tourism office is registered with the Alberta Visitor Information Providers program, linking our Visitor Information Center with dozens of others across the province giving our staff access to the most up to date tourism resources and information.

Vision, Mission and Values


Encouraging sustainable, thriving businesses and a healthy community.



Stettler Regional Board of Trade & Community Development encourages and supports businesses to be responsive to change through consultation, advice, funding, economic development and cultivation of entrepreneurs.                               



Taking Initiative: We actively participate and contribute to making things better in our community.

Innovation: We pursue creative solutions to improve our work and our community.

Collaboration: We believe in the power of working together; we engage and support others.