Hours Of Entertainment, Every Single Day.

There is more than one reason locals and nomad's alike love Stettler. From our wonderful parks and Sport Center's to our small town attractions such as our one of a kind movie theatre. Stettler has a big city lifestyle packed into a small town community. For extra information on workshops classes and other activities go to

Pass the time without leaving your town!

Stettler has innumerable amounts of activities to keep you happy and entertained all without leaving the safety of your county. First of all the movie theater on our historic main street shows movies old and new and has a very special twist to it, it is certainly a hidden "Jewel" of Stettler. Then by traveling just a short distance away you can get to our classic 5-pin Bowling Entertainment Center. Experience bowling in the retro way, with a snack bar, glow bowling and of course several leagues for you and your friends to join! The next major activity in Stettler is golfing! With two beautiful golf and country clubs your certain to improve your skills and have a blast with our local golfing! Then of course Stettler has many sports which bring people province wide to witness. These sports can all be found on the Town Of Stettler Website.

Within Stettler, we have several major attractions and events, these can be found on the Destination Stettler Website. The Museum is one of these major attractions where you can walk through our mini old-style town with schools and newspaper printers in tact. Then of course the major attraction in the museum is our court house where several jaw dropping cases took place, learn about them and also our history at the Stettler Town and Country Museum! Then of course, known from miles away, The Alberta Prairie Railway Excursions! This old fashioned train will give you the experience of riding a steam train in the midwest, complete with dinners and the odd Train Robbery. This is sure to be a experience you remember forever!

Then if shopping is more your speed we have the Historic Mainstreet, with its smooth sidewalks, flower beds, cafes and any kind of store you can think of, our main street will be your one stop shop location! We also have several stores placed around town, covering any need you have, and our very own Stettler Shopping Mall in close proximity to our Stettler Board of Trade office.

For The More Outdoorsy type...

Stettler County is host to the beautiful Canadian Badlands, with our rolling hills, deep river valleys and dozens of wetlands and mini-forests, you're certain to be enthralled by the Great Outdoors. With our ten well kept campgrounds, you can stay out there for as long as you desire! We also have four provincial parks and a total of nine parks in general. Several playgrounds are also littered around so all your children will always have a place to play. Then we have the 14th biggest lake in Alberta with a whopping 93.5km surface area, this lake is known as Buffalo Lake. Surrounded by beaches, fishing shores and parks this lake is the perfect place for a family vacation.