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Discover How the Digital Economy Program can help transform your business!

We know that this time of year is crunch time for your small business. Your priority has to be working in your business, not on your business. But did you know that our friends at Business Link and Digital Main Street offer free programs that can help you improve your online business in as little as one hour?

It takes five minutes to sign up. Upon approval, you can book a meeting with a digital economy or e-commerce expert who will give you real help you can apply immediately. We’re talking things like improving your Instagram, fine-tuning your Facebook, or syncing up your Shopify.

Oh, and P.S.: The CDAP program comes with a microgrant of $2400 for eligible businesses to use toward e-commerce.

It’s not too good to be true: it’s funded by the Government of Alberta and the Government of Canada.

Learn more about DEP at and CDAP at


Program Details and Description

Digital Adoption Program (DEP):

The Digital Economy Program (DEP) provides one-on-one support services for small businesses across
Alberta, to help them integrate and elevate e-commerce and other digital strategies. The DEP, delivered through Business Link and Digital Main Street, is designed to support economic recovery for small businesses. This service is completely free thanks to funding from the Government of Alberta and PrairiesCan.

Canada Digital Adoption Programs (CDAP):

The Canadian Digital Adoption Program is for slightly larger businesses, the ones with at least one
employee or which have made $30,000 or more in revenue in the previous business year. As part of the Canada Digital Adoption Program, the Government of Canada has partnered with Business Link and Digital Main Street to deliver the Grow Your Business Online grant to small businesses across Alberta.* Eligible businesses will receive a micro-grant of up to $2,400 to help with costs related to adopting e-commerce, with support provided by a network of E-commerce Advisors. The Grow Your Business Online Grant will provide small businesses in Canada with $1.4 Billion in grants. *Please note, the grant is administered by Business Link and is not administered by Digital Main Street.


Both programs are absolutely FREE and are provided with assistance from advisors and DSS members local to your part of the province. Local people providing local services!