Shop Stettler's Scanvengerganza!


Shop Stettler Scavengerganza!

With the economy the way it is, everyone is searching for a good deal, and a GREAT deal is what you can find with the Shop Stettler Scavengerganza!
Held in conjunction with the Stettler Trade Show, take the opportunity to step into the Whirlwind of FUN for a chance at instant win prizes and cool cash! PLUS, the person who collects the most Stettler Bucks over the weekend wins the grand prize of $250 Heart of Alberta Dollars! The WIN'd Tunnel will run the entire weekend for any person wanting to take a chance.

Think Local, Shop Stettler… and WIN! 

Rules and Regulations

  1. Visit the Stettler Trade Show April 14, 15 and 16 for your chance to enter the WIN'd Tunnel at the Think Local, Shop Stettler booth.
  2. A participant waiver must be completed and signed prior to entry in the WIN'd Tunnel. Youth under the age of 18 require a parent or guardian signature.
  3. Youth under the age of 18 require adult supervision while in the WIN'd tunnel.
  4. Protective safety glasses (provided) must be worn at all times in the WIN'd tunnel.
  5. Each turn in the WIN'd tunnel will last 60 seconds.
  6. Participants will have the opportunity to grab as much cash and/or prize slips in the WIN'd tunnel as possible within the time limit. Stettler Bucks cash and instant win prize slips must be caught in the air in the WIN'd tunnel in order to be rewarded. Any slips grasped after the time limit has ended will not be counted towards total prize and may forfeit turn.
  7. Stettler Bucks cash amounts grasped during the time in the WIN'd tunnel will be added up with the highest dollar amount after all tries being declared the winner of the grand prize. Grand Prize will be awarded after the final entry is completed on the final date of the Stettler Trade Show at 3:30pm.
  8. Prize slips grasped during the time in the WIN'd tunnel will be immediately awarded to the participant. A minimum of two prize slips will be available in the WIN’d Tunnel prior to each opportunity offering participants the chance to win from participating Think Local, Shop Stettler businesses.
  9. No smoking, prohibited drugs, cannabis or alcoholic beverages are allowed in the Stettler Trade Show or Think Local, Shop Stettler’s Scavengerganza promotion. No amount of cannabis, alcohol and/or prohibited drugs may be consumed prior to entering the WIN’d Tunnel. Participants whom officials believe have consumed cannabis, alcohol or prohibited drugs prior to entry will be disqualified.


All participants enter the contest at their own risk. The Town of Stettler, Stettler Regional Board of Trade and Community Development, Think Local, Shop Stettler businesses, staff, and volunteers assume no liability.