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Shop $20 on the 20th

The Power of Your Dollar


You have heard the message time and time again - shop local, but have you ever really realized just how much your local purchases make a positive difference in our town?  As we get ready to celebrate and say “Thank You” to our local businesses on Saturday, March 20th for Shop $20 on the 20th, we wanted to show you just how much your local purchases make an impact in our community.


Employment and Job Creation 

Small local businesses are the largest employers nationally. In fact, since the 1970s, more than 65% of new jobs have come from the rise in small business. Not only do small businesses employ more people directly per dollar of revenue, they’re also the customers of local businesses themselves. Not only do small businesses employ more people directly per dollar of revenue, they’re also the customers of local businesses themselves. 


Investing Locally 

Investing locally helps put food on the tables of local business owners in Stettler. Like you, these business owners live, work and play in our community and are more invested in the future of Stettler.  As you make a purchase at a local shop, be sure to recognize that the same person serving you may also be coaching your child’s sports team, volunteering at local event or shopping next to you at the grocery store and know that your dollars are supporting a family in our community.  


Support Local Not For Profit 

Local businesses support local not for profit organizations with donations and volunteers.  Many of the services provided by local not-for-profit organizations are made possible by the continued donations and contributions of local businesses.  From hospital improvements to kids sports to animal rescues and many more, think of all the wonderful accomplishments of these groups and know when you spend locally that important work will continue! 


You Matter More. 

It’s a fact that businesses respond to their customers, but your values and desires are much more influential to your local community business and their appreciation of your patronage shows in the over and above customer service provided by local businesses.   Know that each time you make a purchase at a local business that you are appreciated in more ways than you could ever imagine.


 Pay Local Taxes 

Local businesses pay local taxes that are used within your community. Common uses for these taxes include infrastructure upgrades, emergency services support, libraries, parks and walking trails.  The next time you are skating at the Stettler Recreation Centre or driving down a freshly paved road, know that it was those dollars you spent locally at work. 


Encourages Innovation and Low Prices 

A market with a variety of small businesses encourages innovation and low prices. Local business owners control their products based on the need of their local customers guaranteeing a broader range of product choices. This also ensures that you will find unique products that will have everyone asking “Where did you get that?” and you can proudly answer, I shopped locally! 


Community Character 

Local businesses maintain a community’s character. Entrepreneurs and skilled workers are more likely to invest and settle in communities that preserve their one of a kind businesses and distinctive character.  As you drive around town be sure to take the time to appreciate the history of some of the buildings in our area and the beautiful care and attention they received over the years. Whether you realize it or not, when you shop local you are individually stimulating the local economy with your support and in turn, helping shape your community’s unique character and personality. 


Reduction of Environmental Footprint 

By supporting local growers, makers and shops you are reducing your environmental footprint. Shopping local reduces the amount of transportation needed to bring products to your house compared to shopping out of town or online. It also minimizes the amount of packaging a product needs to make it to your house safely. So the next time you stroll to a local business know that you are making an environmental impact for not only our community but the world!  


Strengthening the Economy 

Strengthen your economy by spending local. Spending $100.00 at a local business returns $45+ to the local economy compared to $0 when shopping online or outside of the region. A strong local economy leads to growth, resiliency and an overall more vibrant and happy community. As you see local business expand and grow or new businesses opening, know that your local spending helped make that happen.  


It’s an Investment in Yourself 

Those dollars you spend locally are also a direct investment in your own future.  A strong, diverse and successful business district plays a huge part in real estate. Lively, vibrant neighborhood shopping streets are considered an advantage when selling a home. They make your property more valuable so as you shop locally know that those dollars are an investment in your future.  


When you head out to say “thank you” to our local businesses for all that they do with a purchase of a non-essential on Shop $20 on the 20th, know that you are making a difference not only for our local businesses but every person that lives, works and plays in our town.


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