HYC - Bowl For Kids

When: February 21 | 4:30 PM - 7:00 PM
Location: Heartland Bowl
Contact: Heartland Youth Centre
Phone: 403-742-5437


The theme is Mythical Creatures!


So let your imagination go crazy, you could be Fluffy the Three headed dog from Harry Potter or a funky unicorn or even a cute fairy, whatever you want!


Our staff member Melanie Koch has been busy getting to businesses for teams, lane sponsors and donations. If you would like to donate or make a team, contact us and we will make sure she gets to you!


If your teen/child attends any of our programs and wants to participate, we invite them to raise a minimum of $20 in pledges to join us for the event. We have been sending out individual pledge sheets for the past week. Make sure you bring those back (filled out or not) on the 21st so we can keep track! Pledge forms are available at HYC.


Thank you for everyone and any businesses that have already signed up or donated or showed us support! We greatly appreciate it! We look forward to seeing you all bowl! 🎉

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