Stettler Board of Trade and Community Development


The Stettler Regional Board of Trade is introducing an opportunity for you to promote your business or group year-round.

The program allows your enterprise to mount an attractive 8” x 10” color photograph that depicts your business or organization on the interior walls of the Stettler Board of Trade/Tourist Information Centre.


The program has been instituted for a number of reasons.  The Board of Trade wants to influence more travelers to stop and spend their dollars in the community.  When they see the photos on the wall they are tempted to stop for an ice cream cone, buy that special dress, visit the museum, or pick up groceries or supplies. Having the pictures displayed at the tourism center is a great location because of the large amount of tourist going through the building, people renting the meeting rooms, as well as business developers, and people who are looking to relocate that stop in to see what our town has to offer.

The program also simplifies tourist counseling for our staff.  When a visitor asks for a nice place to eat, we direct the visitor to the wall section highlighting “Places to Eat.” The program has flexibility, you can change your picture as well as promotional material.

The program is also inexpensive and simple in nature.  Including your set up expenses, the per day costs for the year work out to a mere .45 cents.  There is no ad copy to proof and the program actually gets less expensive to participate in after your first year.


How Much Will it Cost?

There is a $30 one time fee that will pay for your photo, negative or slide to be blown to 8” x 10” and mounted on styrene.  If you have your own professional picture this fee will be waived. This cost is only applied once, unless you decide to change your photograph.  The charge to participate in the program itself is $100 per year. (Which is approx. $8.40 per month)

Please Note:  Color Copies of pictures will not be acceptable.  The picture should be from a negative or taken by a photographer. We will be taking digital pictures for the businesses upon request or you may submit your own negative/picture for the wall

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